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Copper Sulfate Monohydrate

Copper Sulfate Monohydrate

Name: Copper sulfate monohydrate
Synonyms: Copper sulfate, monohydrate; Copper sulphfate monohydrate;
Formula: H2CuO5S
Molecular Weight: 177.6239
CAS No: 10257-54-2
Properties: Blue or green white powder.


Copper sulphate monohydrate 95%

Molecular formula


Content (%)

≥95.0   Cu≥ 34.0


Pass 420μm Sieve≥95%


Light blue powder (or Crystal)

Heavy metals and injurants (%)

Pb≤0.002 As≤0.001

Application: Copper sulfate monohydrate is a desiccant. Copper sulphate monohydrate is a commonly included chemical in children's chemistry sets and is often used in high school crystal growing and copper plating experiments.

Package: 25kg plastic bags.

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