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Copper Chloride Dihydrate

Copper Chloride Dihydrate

Name: Copper chloride dihydrate
Synonyms: Cupric chloride dihydrate; cupric chloride; copper(ii) chloride dihydrate; copper(2+) dichloride; copper(2+) chloride hydrate (1:2:2); dichlorocopper dihydrate; dichlorocopper hydrate;
CAS No.: 10125-13-0; 13933-17-0
Formula: H2Cl2CuO
M.W.: 152.4673
Molecular Structure:
Properties: Blue green crystalline powder
Specifications of cupric chloride dihydrate:


Cupric chloride dihydrate 98% min

Cupric chloride dihydrate 99% min

Assay as  CuCl2 2H2O

98.0 %  m/m min



Green to Bluish-Green

Green to Bluish-Green

Total Copper as Cu

36.5 %  m/m min


Copper Nitrate as Cu(NO3)2

0.50 % m/m max



4.0 % m/m max

3.0 % m/m max

Free HNO3

0.10 % m/m max

0.05 % m/m max

Iron as "Fe"

0.01 % m/m max


 pH 5% Solution

3.0- 4.0

3.0- 4.0

Matter insoluble in H2O

0.05 % m/m max


Packaging: 25kg woven bag with double PE liners
Storage: Stored in cool, dry and draughty warehouse, sealed tightly handle with care

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