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EU looks forward to ensure the supply of cobalt in the near future

    The EU has recently announced a plan to ensure that the cobalt nickel and other natural resources, the effective supply, to reduce the EU dependency on these resources. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has said, in order to ensure the effective supply of raw materials, the future, we need to adjust the financial markets and resources connected. The EU agreed to adjust the list of key raw materials, the time from the previous 5 years to 3 years time. The EU has to cobalt and other high-tech metals, natural rubber, timber and food as essential as the 14 kinds of raw materials. Major trading countries, including Russia, China, Brazil and the DRC.
    Currently, the EU dependence on imported cobalt was 100%, 71% of which come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moreover, the European Union recommended in favor of the strategy to ensure supply of raw materials, primarily with international suppliers to establish a good relationship, to encourage local suppliers in Europe and to encourage recycling and reduce consumption. For example, cobalt, the Russian Federation in 2008 that the scarcity of resources, so foreign investors in Russian law to ban under the condition without special consent of the mining, sale and export. Russia's Norilsk Nickel company currently controls 95% of its domestic cobalt resources. In addition, Tesla Motors is currently in Belgium on the cobalt from the waste battery recycling very seriously, will be recycled into high-grade cobalt lithium cobalt oxide, can be re-sold to battery manufacturers.
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