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Expanded the production of Cobalt Chloride Plant

  Following up the requirements of the market, in order to meet the clients’ needs, Yihua Chemical Co. Ltd has expanded two thirds of the production of Cobalt Metal Plant in only two months. It is seen from on-spot inspection that YIHUA has worked hard to build up the brand of YIHUA motivated by the confirmation of the systems GB/T 19001, GB/T 24001 and GB/T 28001. Presently, demand exceeds supply. The old Cobalt Metal Plant is far from meeting production demand. So, we decided to continue to expand one third of production. We’ve finished construction of equipment for expanding production on May 15 and started production at full loading.
Six concentrating pots and six crystallizing pans have been added and the daily production scale of high quality cobalt chloride has reached 20 tons.also production cobalt chloride hexahydrate,cobalt chloride tetrahydrate,cobalt chloride dihydrate and so on.

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