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Properties of Cobalt Sulfate

Cobalt participates the synthesis of vitamin B12 in animals’ bodies. Animals lacking cobalt will affect the synthesis of vitamin B12 by animalcule in alimentary canal so that leads to anemia. For ruminants, lacking cobalt can lead to inappetence, retarded growth, anemia, thick and disorderly clothing hair, reproduction prevented. Cobalt Sulfate is also called Cobaltous Sulfate or Cobaltous Sulphate. Cobalt sulfate is rose red crystal. After dehydration, Cobalt Sulfate will become kind of red powder. Cobaltous Sulfate is soluble in water and methanol, but slightly soluble in ethanol. What’s more, Cobaltous Sulphate can easily effloresce in air.
Cobalt Sulfate is widely used in various fields. In chemical industry, Cobaltous Sulfate is used as raw materials for the production of cobalt salt and also to manufacture cobaltiferous pigments. In battery industry, Cobaltous Sulphate applies to alkaline batteries and lithopone additives.Cobalt Sulfate is also used as a catalyst and analytical reagents etc. In addition, Cobaltous Sulfate works as paint desiccating agent in coating industry and color porcelain glaze in ceramic industry.
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