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Application of Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate

Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate is soluble in water, alcohol, ether, acetone and glycerol.Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate is red or amaranthine crystal. The loss of crystalline water turns into a blue powder. Its density is 1.924 g/cm3 with melting point 86 ℃.
Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate is widely used in various industry. Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate applied as a catalyst in chemical reactions.In Teal chemical, it is used to drop analysis in zinc, haploid breeding.In addition, Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate is applied in the manufacture of sympathetic ink, cobalt chloride paper, color silica gel, etc. This product is also used for ammonia absorption agent. Cobalt Chloride Tetrahydrate is used as a barometer, instrument manufacturing hydrometer, dry wet indicator, etc.This product also acts as colorants in ceramic industry.
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