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Introduction to Bismuth Trioxide

Bismuth Trioxide is kind of yellow powder with no odor. It is insoluble in water but soluble in strong acids and bismuth salt generated. Bismuth oxide’s melting point is 824℃ and boiling point is 1890 ℃. Bismuth oxide is one of the most important compounds of bismuth by hydrogen reduction of metal bismuth. Bismuth oxide comes from natural bismuth hua (a kind of mineral), but its main source is usually copper or lead the by-product of bismuth powder .When combustion in the air, bismuth trioxide can be obtained.
The mixture of sodium hydroxide solution with carbon dioxide without carbon dioxide was mixed with the nitric acid bismuth hydroxide solution (80 to 90). In the precipitation process, the solution is kept alkaline, generating white, volume expansion of bismuth oxide hydrate Bi (OH) 3 precipitation. Then we need to heat the solution, and short mixing dehydrated yellow bismuth oxide becomes. After decanting of water washing, filtering and drying, bismuth oxide get done.
Bismuth trioxide is mainly used for producing chemical reagent and bismuth salt. It is also used in glass coloring, press and heat sensing resistance, lightning arrester, kinescope, fireproofing layer, nuclear reactor fuel, electron pottery power stuff, electrolyte material, photo electricity material, high temperature super conduct material, catalyzer and so on.
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