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Application of Bismuth Trioxide

Bismuth Trioxide or Bismuth Sesquioxide, is found naturally as bismuth ochre. It is the product obtained when bismuth burns in air, or when steam is decomposed by metallic bismuth at white heat. Bismuth Trioxide is usually obtained by the prolonged heating of molten bismuth in air, or by the action of heat upon the carbonate, sulphate or basic nitrate. Bismuth monoxide when heated in air yields the trioxide. The crystalline form is obtained by melting the powdered form with potassium hydroxide, by boiling the hydroxide with potassium or sodium hydroxide, by the action of potassium cyanide on a nitric acid solution of bismuth nitrate, or by adding sodium nitrate intermittently to a molten mixture of sodium hydroxide, bismuth and potassium chromate at 350°C. The oxide is also obtained when chlorine is passed into a fused mixture of bismuth and silver nitrate.
Bismuth Trioxide is used as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical industries.Bismuth Trioxide is used as a pigment in manufacturing paints for eye shadows, nail polishes and hair sprays. Growing cosmetic industry is expected to boost the overall demand for bismuth market.This product is used as an alternative to lead and hence, has been used in range of applications where previously lead was used.Bismuth Trioxide is mainly used as an alternative for lead especially in the manufacturing of bullets, shots and other ammunition. Currently,Bismuth Trioxide is being evaluated as a lead replacement in manufacturing free machining brasses especially for plumbing applications.
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