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Introduction to Cobalt Carbonate

A carbonate is a compound that contains the CO32- ion. Inorganic carbonates are ionic compounds that combine metal cations with the carbonate ion. Cobalt Carbonate (CoCO3) is pink powder, soluble in dilute acid and liquid ammonia, insoluble in cool water, and decomposes in hot water. Cobalt carbonate is a precursor to cobalt carbonyl and various cobalt salts. It is a component of dietary supplements since cobalt is an essential element. It is a precursor to blue pottery glazes, famously in the case of Delftware.
Cobalt carbonate is primarily being used as a catalyst in the refining industry, as a ceramic pigment, and as a mineral supplement for livestock. Cobalt carbonate is also sourced by the animal feed industry. Within this industry, cobalt carbonate is added to induce Vitamin B12 production. Cobalt carbonate is also used as a color pigment, glass pigment, ceramics, feed trace element additives and trace element fertilizer. Moreover, it is used as the raw material for producing lithium batteries. Cobalt carbonate also used as the manufacture of catalyst, camouflage paint and chemical temperature indicator in organic industry.
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