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The information of Cobalt Sulfate

Cobalt Sulfate is a kind of rose red crystals. After dehydration it becomes red powder, can be soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol. Cobalt Sulfate can be used in ceramic glazes and paint driers, also can be used in electroplating, alkaline batteries, pigments and other Cobalt prodcution Cobalt products, and it also can be used in catalysts, reagents, feed additives, tire adhesives, lithopone additives and so on. The chemical formula of Cobalt Sulfate is CoSO4·7H2O CoSO4. The molecular weight of Cobalt Sulfate is 281.15.
Handling precautions: Closed operation, local exhaust ventilation. Prevent dust released into the air workshop. The operator must go through specilized training, strict adherence to rules. Proposed operators wear self-absorption filter respirators, wearing chemical protective safety glasses, wear rubber acid suit, wear rubber gloves acid. Avoid generating dust. Equipped with spill response equipment. Empty containers may be harmful residues.
Storage precautions: Cobalt Sulfate shoule be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Prevent direct sunlight. The packaging must be sealed, not damp. Food chemicals should be stored separately to avoid mixing reservoir. Storage areas should be equipped with suitable material spill.
Other harmful effects:
Migration: With the weathering on land into the soil, some of the hydrolyzate is absorbed or oxidizing sediments.
Some hydrolysates or adsorbed oxidizing deposits, especially for soil colloids divalent Co has a very strong adsoption in acidic soils, difficult adsorption.
In the natural environment, the bioaccumulation. This substance may be hazardous to the environment, should pay special attention to water pollution is.
The production methods:
Cobalt metal method: Cobalt metal plate is dissolved in the mixture of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, heated to boiling with steam, the reaction was concentrated and crystallized, the mother liquor seperated, Cobalt Sulfate was prepared.
Cobalt Oxide method: Using Cobalt Sulfate dissolved Cobalt Oxide, the solution was concentrated by evaporation, crystallization, centrifugal dewatering, prepared Cobalt Sulfate.

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