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Copper Sulfate News

The Applications of Copper Sulfate

Bordeaux mixture preparation:
Copper Sulfate is an important raw material for preparing other Copper compounds. For example, the availability of pesticides mixed with milk of lime Bordeaux solution, as a pesticide. Copper Sulfate is also the refined solution during electrolysis.
Birret test protein:
Anhydrous Copper Sulfate has a strong water absorption, put it into 95% ethanol or aqueous organic compounds that absorb moisture and restore the blue crystals. The Copper ions in Copper Sulfate can damage the three-dimensional structure of the protein, making degeneration. Protein concentrations were determined from time to time to join in the protein base, then add Copper Sulfate solution, then the solution becomes purple, this reaction is called biuret reaction.
Water chemical reaction test:
Anhydrous Copper Sulfate has a strong water absorption, Anhydrous Copper Sulfate solid blue from white water to produce Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (CuSO4 · 5H2O), to test the presence of water or a chemical reaction to generate and absorb water vapor.
Other applications:
The main application areas for the industrial manufacture of other inorganic copper salt such as Cuprous Chloride, Copper Chloride, Copper Pyrophosphate, Cuprous Oxide, Acid Copper, Copper Carbonate. Industry for the manufacture of dyes and pigments such as copper single azo reactive blue, purple and other activity. Industry as a catalyst for organic synthetic fragrances and dyes intermediates, methyl methacrylate polymerization inhibitor cresol mouth coating industry for the production of anti-fouling paint fungicides.
Electroplating industry as a whole the main bright acid copper salts and copper ions additives mouth dyeing and finishing industry as a mordant dyeing the help of oxygen agent. It also can be used as a fungicide in agriculture. Copper Sulfate is an inorganic compound, when the drug is used as a treatment of livestock copper deficiency can also be used as cattle drive tapeworm medicine and pigs, dogs emetic.

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