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Copper Sulfate News

The applications of Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate can be used in the manufacture of other feeding salt, such as: Cuprous Chloride, Copper Chloride, Copper Pyrophosphate, Cupric Acetate, Cuprous Oxide, Cupric Carbonate and so on. And Copper Sulfate can also be used in the dyes and pigments industry for the manufacturing of Copper containing mono azo dyes, such as reactive brilliant blue, reactive violet.
1. Used as analysis reagent:
Several kinds of chemical analysis are needed to Copper Sulfate. It is used for Fehling reagent and reagent test class in reducing sugar. In the reaction, do not dissolve red precipitate cuprous oxid two divalent Copper ions are reduced to monovalent. And Copper Sulfate can also be used to detect protein biuret reagent. Copper Sulfate also can be used to test for anemia. Drop the blood into the Copper Sulfate solution, if enough hemoglobin in blood samples containing, it will falling fast. And if there is not enough blood hemoglobin content, the blood will be suspended in the solution. In the flame color reaction of Copper Sulfate is blue, the color blue more than it in the Barium ion.
2. Used in the organic synthesis:
Copper Sulfate can be used in organic synthesis. The anhydrous salt used for catalytic to the acetal reaction. The anhydrous salt and Potassium Permanganate reaction of an oxidizing agent, used for the conversion of primary alcohol. The organic industry as catalysts for the synthesis of perfume and dye intermediates, methyl methacrylate polymerization inhibitor.
3. Used in medical:
Copper Sulfate can be used as an emetic, now think it is too toxic. But it is still in the WHO ATC code antidote list.
4. Used in agriculture:
Copper Sulfate can be used to kill fungi. It can be mixed with lime water and formation of Bordeaux mixture, as fungicides, for the control of lemon, grapes and other fungi on crops. The dilute solution for the aquarium sterilizing and removing the snail. As the Copper ion is toxic to fish, the dose of Copper Sulfate must be strictly controlled. Most fungin will be killed at the very low concentrations of CuSO4. E. Coli can also be controlled. In addition, aquaculture also used as main raw material feed additive of trace element copper.
5. Used in chemical education:
Copper Sulfate is often contained in the chemical reagents in children, for crystal formation test and Copper electroplating experiment. And because of its toxicity, it is not recommended for children.

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