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Market dynamics of Cobalt Acetate

Cobalt Acetate is also named Cobaltous acetate or Cobalt (II) acetate. It is a kind of dark red monoclinic prismatic crystal. It is with the odor of acetic acid. When it is heated to 140 ℃, into anhydrous. It can be soluble in water, ethanol, dilute acid and amyl acetate, etc. The 0.2mol solution of cobalt acetate is pH 6.8. Relative density of it is (d18.74) 1.705. Refractive index of it is 1.542.
1.Catalyst for oxidation of xylene, used in the production of coatings, printing and dyeing, mordant agent glass steel curing accelerator and sympathetic ink etc.
2.Used as catalyst for transesterification in the polyester resin, the production amount of about 0. 1% to 0. 5%. This product is mainly used for organic synthesis of oxidation catalyst (such as by p-xylene oxidation polyester resin raw materials of terephthalic acid catalyst). It is also used to manufacture of paints and coatings, printing and dyeing, mordant agent glass steel curing accelerator and sympathetic ink etc.
3.Used in the oxidation dyeing and sealing treatment, the aluminum alloy anodic oxidation and hole sealing solution, also can add appropriate cobalt salt to improve its hole sealing performance can also be used for galvanized additive and cobalt alloy electroless cobalt plating and alloy of cobalt salt added.
4.The cobalt acetate should be sealed in a cool and dry to avoid light preservation. Stored in a cool and dry place, prevent the sun and rain. And it should be stored dividually with the wet good and edible chemicals.
Marker dynamics:
In order to adapt to the PTA industry to improve the product quality, to reduce the cost of production, to improve the work efficiency, research and development of new technology of cobalt acetate and maganese cobalt production, the production efficiency is at least 100 times higher than the traditional process, the advantages of small investment short construction cycle can be realized directly with PTA and TMA device matching, and catalyst modulation process to reduce costs, improve the operating environment. Through the use of PTA oxidation reactor from dilute acetic acid can also further reduce the production cost of PTA or catalyst, without environmental pollution. This technology adoption in JiNan in 1997 built the first industrial production device. And it is also the international's first set of device, a technology of catalyst activity is better than that of crystal catalyst. With the increase of marker demand of cobalt acetate, I believe that the market prospect of cobalt acetate is very promising.
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