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Game Of The Cost Of Cobalt Chloride Producers Need Wait Again

Yihua Group once again affected by the price cuts, coupled with continued weakness in the market situation of the tired,Yttrium metal powder supplier, present, cobalt chloride manufacturers cautious on short-term market.
Reflect the market sources, the price of cobalt chloride 24% 68,000-70,000 yuan / ton, unchanged from a week earlier, and pointed out that the cost factor is still in the support price, and even some manufacturers offer higher than the 2,000 yuan / ton.
However, as of this writing, the market is still little reported a large number of transactions, price action has led to the Yihua market uncertainty increased, the downstream end of the year on the occasion of consumer enthusiasm continues to be weakened.
A major east China confirmed that cobalt chloride producers uncertain market prospects. "Downstream industry demand continues to weaken, customers panic show, especially when they heard the news of the Yihua take the lead in price," he said.
However, he has no intention with the drop,yttrium, after all, the high cost of stocking, at present, the company's offer for cobalt chloride tetrahydrate 68,000-70,000 yuan / ton. "China's dependence on imports of cobalt concentrate a greater degree of cost constraints will continue to be short term, this situation is still reversible," he said.
Taking into account the market price range has been opened, he believes the situation will cause a certain degree of wait and see no benefit in terms of sales.
Another major East China manufacturers recognized cobalt chloride hexahydrate complex market situation, and the sale of a lack of confidence. But the company remains the price of cobalt chloride 24% 68,000-70,000 yuan / ton, to maintain the level of a week ago.
He pointed out that prices move Yihua hurt market confidence once again, many customers choose a temporary fence. "Needless to say, customers are still waiting for a lower price, or even individual producers offer is only 67,000 yuan / ton, because they were eager to return the funds,Yttrium metal powder," he said.
Meanwhile, he said, there are still some manufacturers offer a semi-stop state, in addition to financial pressure is not, offer even reached 71,000 yuan / ton.
"The market situation is not yet out of control, I think, proper maintenance of stability will help participants to restore confidence and avoid potential risks,Yttrium metal powder price," he said.
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